Stories of the winners we've coached

We're proud to have coached numerous athletes into reaching critical turning stones in their powerlifting career. 


Nowadays there is an adbundance of powerlifting coaches. I have been lifting since 2018 and I have had many coaches, all of them having their goods and bads. For me, the most important personality trait for a good coach is the ability to understand the athlete. This means that he/she can listen and communicate with an athlete. I find that Rijker has this quality on point.

It may sound pretty straight forward, but believe me, it is not. Rijker wants to understand/feel the athlete: making video calls regularly, checking technique, having post meet discussions etc.

Supreme Strength is growing fast, but Rijker still manages to provide individual attention to his athletes. But where Rijker really stands out, is admitting improvements in his programming. For example, we both agreed that my secondary squat day during my nationals prep was a bit too much. Even with a bag full of experience in Powerlifting, I can feel that he is still eager to learn in order to provide the best coaching service possible.

Alwin Tan (34),

-74KG IPF Powerlifter




Sil has been my coach for over a year now, and he has been the best fit for me. Under his guidance, he has taught me the world of powerlifting and motivate me to surpass my own expectations in my powerlifting career. Over the past year, we've set realistic goals, plan out strategies, and successfully achieved them on both National and International levels.

He is an expert in the science behind powerlifting, understanding the game like no other due to his experience as an elite athlete himself. With Sil by my side on gameday, an unforgettable battle is guaranteed. Working together has been truly inspiring, and I am grateful for his commitment to his athletes. I highly recommend Sil Maris.

Kaylee-Sue Danies (26),

-63 KG IPF Powerlifter



Rijker's coaching has helped me achieve goals I would never have imagined possible. I did my first competion in 2017 and I got second to last. However, he saw potential in me and over the years I grew so much stronger. Under his guidance I was able to win two National championships in a row as well as set multiple national open records and win several international medals in Powerlifting. He made me the powerlifter and person I am today. Now I have become stronger, mentally and physically, than ever before. We continue to tweak and adapt where we can to achieve the optimal performance in life and on the platform.

Jacqueline Klaver (26),

-76 KG IPF Powerlifter



I’ve been coached by coen for a little over 1.5 years now, and the progress I’ve made is more than I would’ve ever thought possible. Obviously, this is not the main reason a coach will be deemed good or bad, but in the period I’ve been with Coen I’ve not only gained strength, going from a 580 total to 655, but knowledge too. He’s made my own coaching quality increase, by not just programming but making a collaborative effort in my program. Using his wide mental collection of solutions he seems to be able to solve all kinds of different problems occurring during training. He is not scared to try things offbeat, but also knows when to abandon ideas when the situation calls for it.

Overall, my experience with coaching by Coen has been nothing but positive, and if I would be able to go back in time and pick a new coach I’d pick him again, just sooner.

Luuk Tiel (22),

- 74 KG IPF Powerlifter


I started powerlifting in early 2019 during my time in high school, then around September of 2019 I moved from the United States to the Netherlands. I had already done one competition in the US, where I totalled 451 kg, and wanted to continue improving and competing in the Netherlands. I then met Coen through a mutual friend and asked him to coach me for a meet that was coming up. In my two years with Coen I have added 200 kg to my total, and I am very satisfied with his coaching and programming. Not only has my total gone up, but I have also had zero injuries. Any time I felt something was uncomfortable with my lifts, I would tell Coen and we would always either ease up on the training, change the programming or fix my form if it was a technical issue. This has allowed me to make steady progression for two years straight with little to no set backs. Coen's programming and technical advice has steadily improved over the course of my time with him, and I would definitely recommend him as a coach to anyone interested in becoming a better strength athlete. 

Rishi Nair (21),

- 93 KG IPF Powerlifter


I got to know Rijker during the IPF World Championships in Sweden in 2019, where we traveled together and sparred about training ideas. For the 2021 Dutch National Championships I needed a gameday coach. Although I did not see or speak to Rijker often I knew he was the right coach for the job. Through his academic experience and his experience in powerlifting, he understands the game like no other. He knows to make the right calls and gives the confidence that you need during a competition. In the heat of the battle he gave me the boost I needed to perform my best.

Richard van Bezooijen (26),

- 93 KG IPF Powerlifter