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Nowadays there is an adbundance of powerlifting coaches. I have been powerlifting since 2018 and I have had many coaches, all of them having their goods and bads. For me, the most important personality trait for a good coach is the ability to understand the athlete. This means that he/she can listen and communicate with an athlete. I find that Rijker has this quality on point.

It may sound pretty straight forward, but believe me, it is not. Rijker wants to understand/feel the athlete: making video calls regularly, checking technique, having post meet discussions etc.

Supreme Strength is growing fast, but Rijker still manages to provide individual attention to his athletes. But where Rijker really stands out, is admitting improvements in his programming. For example, we both agreed that my secondary squat day during my nationals prep was a bit too much. Even with a bag full of experience in Powerlifting, I can feel that he is still eager to learn in order to provide the best coaching service possible.

Alwin Tan (34),

-74KG IPF Powerlifter

Online Powerlifting Coaching

We believe that real coaching goes beyond merely writing a program and telling athletes what they should do. At Supreme Strength we explain the why behind decisions, build your confidence and resilience, and give you the tools to successfully self-regulate. In return we expect our clients to hold themselves to a high standard of work ethic and accountability. This way we can set you up to get the most out of your game day performance and ensure a bright lifting career.


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Are you more interested in a program-only option to improve your squat, bench and deadlift? We also offer an 8 week powerlifting program that is tailored to you as an individual.  


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