Mission Statement

At Supreme Strength we provide top of the line powerlifting coaching for every level of athlete. With a combined 12+ years of experience in high-level powerlifting coaching and competing, we have the confidence and the know-how to coach you to new heights. Our coaching is about finetuning our approach and figuring out what really works for each individual.


Meet the Coaches


Coen de Heer

Playing rugby from the age of 13 to 19 and constantly getting hit by bigger guys on the field, gave me the urge to get stronger. I wanted to hit just as hard or even harder than them. I had my first introduction to resistance training during my rugby days in the form of push-ups, farmer walks and squats with team mates on my back. However, ever since I lifted my first dumbbell I have been hooked on strength sports. I have been in the gym training as well as working as a PT and coach for almost a decade now. I have been actively pursuing powerlifting for 5 years, concluding my time as a Junior lifter with competing at the European Powerlifting Championships in 2019. Powerlifting has given me the drive to keep pushing new boundaries year after year. It taught me that I'm never done learning about myself and others in regards to training strategies and possibilities. 


My background in Nutrition allows me to teach powerlifters how to tweak their nutrition and eating habits for optimal performance. During my BSc in nutrition I have developed the professional and conversational skills to guide them to their goals. Working with a diverse group of athletes over the past couple of years and spending time to stay up to date with the latest research and insights has given me the toolset to coach and foster athletic careers for any enthusiastic strength athlete.





Rijker Cox

What first started as an interest in Natural Bodybuilding became a never-ending pursuit for strength. When I began lifting I followed people like Layne Norton and Alberto Nunez from 3DMJ. What made them so appealing to me is that they combined science based methods with hard gritty training; lifting heavy weights was at the core of their bodybuilding progress. During my time powerlifting I learned that I have a true passion for coaching and guiding people towards their strength and physique goals. This led me to coaching athletes at multiple international and national championships with them picking up many medals along the way. 


With a background in Sport and Performance Psychology I can offer my athletes the mental edge when it comes to training and competing. When I work with athletes I like to make long term plans together and aim to make them aware of all the boxes that need to be checked to achieve their version of success. Although injuries have stood in the way of my own powerlifting career, these injuries have made me become more resourceful and creative as a coach. I am always open to new concepts and ideas and am willing to dive into uncharted territory with my lifters. I believe in teaching athletes skills that they can use for a lifetime, whether in or outside of the gym.